What is a Guild?

The word « Guild » comes from the old norse « gildi » meaning « cooperation » or « assembly » or « group » around a meal and by extension, agreement, harmony between people.

In the Middle Ages, a guild stood for a group of people practicing a common activity or with common interests.

Why The Guild Saint Louis?

The Guild Saint Louis arose from several medieval world actors’ common desire to create an association with the goal to gather professionals and enthusiasts in order to promote medieval world through crafts, shows, reconstructions and events’ organization.
Karim Maloum, The Guild President, craftsman designer and medieval costumes manufacturer, founded the association in 2014 with the Gard Trade Chamber help, and the advice of the Languedoc Roussillon Region as well as Pays Vidourle Camargue and friends.

From conventions to festivals, medieval festivals and historical reconstructions, Karim Maloum gets into position of one of the major actors, and in 2013, he helped and participated in the incredible Battle of Nations.

Along meetings, Karim Maloum introduces different artists to one another for the “Aigues-Mortes” part of the movie “A harbor for crusade” directed by Benjamin Fontana. The following year he met “Le domaine des terres Oubliées” for the beyond compare organic hypocras development. In 2016, he participates to the Saint Triphon (Switzerland) event, Association Medievale Boyarde (Guild member).

Nowadays, The Guild Saint Louis is born, the result of two decades of work and reflexion, stemming from an intermingling of artists, craftsmen and uncommon enthusiasts meetings. This Guild is the most expected response to a growing public’s ever-increasing demand over the years, demanding dreams, time travel.
It’s the nicest and the most unexpected answer in this troubled period, to all those who look for a reunion rather than a split, share rather than to point at.

Once back on time, cultures mix, like the steel forging a legendary sword damascus blade.

It is this energy that Karim Maloum transmits through The Guild Saint Louis, like music from olden days, sound of a horn through the haze, to call for unity and joy, during the time of a medieval festival.
This forgotten time vision, which gathers people and differences, is the re-enchantment we all aspire, a part of childhood in the spirit of time, a magical breath, any solidarity energy.

How to subscribe to The Guild Saint Louis?

The membership to The Guild displays communication tools, and common specific skills, and helps you with more credibility and influence with among public, collectivities and event sponsors, and so on.